Free Choice Poetry

Like You Do

Eyes: soft and chaste
Hands with fingers interlaced.
Lips: pink with taste
Oh, I love the way you look today.

Smile grinning ear to ear
Dance like there’s no one here
Sing, sing your heart’s desire
And fill my heart as it burns with fire.

Love like you do.
Play the drums and strum the strings of my old heart.
My love, I love you.
Hear my heart as I look deeper in your soul.

Hearts: hearts begin to race.
Close your eyes, we’re closing face to face
Kiss– kiss me on my lips
Feel a tingling within your fingertips

Oh, love like you do.
Play the drums and strum the strings of my old heart.
My love, I love you.
Hear my heart as I look deeper in your soul.

Oh, love like you do.
Play the drums and strum the strings of my old heart.
My love, I love you.
Hear my heart as I look deeper in your soul.

Like You Do is actually a song that I wrote in the Spring Break of 2017. I’ve expanded it a little since then, but I feel like I could expanded it even further in the future. This piece has an entire piano instrumental backed to it already because it’s one of my favourite songs that I’ve written so far. Although you can’t hear the music, it was written with great passion and sincerity. Like all the cheesy love songs that we hear playing constantly on our radios, Like You Do talks about a desire to be with someone. In my love for music, I’ve added metaphors that relate to drums, guitars, and singing my heart out. The lyrics are somewhat based on a true story of a situation that I happened to be in at the time.

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  1. Dear Jed,
    This piece is so relatable and has so much truth to it! I am so impressed with your writing, I know you are such an amazing actor, singer and this showed how great of a writer you are! Your style in the way you do everything is just great and so inspiring Jed, I can only dream of having your talents. I love how in this piece you added instrumental references like the part where you wrote, “Play the drums and strum the strings of my old heart.” I love this line because it can be interpreted as a romantic line or one reflecting heartbreak. I also love the rhyming theme going on in this, although I am not a fan of using rhyme schemes, I still admire the people who use it and make it work, which you did really well. There is very little room you left to fix things, but as you said you will be adding onto it, and I am looking forward to reading the expanded version of it. I am sure that you will be able to make this even better than it already is.
    All in all, you are such an inspiration to anyone who gets the privilege to see or read any of your work, and I look forward to what you will have to offer in the future!
    Love, Sarah (:

    1. Dearest Sarah,

      I really appreciate you taking your time to read my post! I am really pleased to hear that you were able to connect with it really well. I really do want to expand this even further! Interestingly, the line that stuck out to you the most was the very first line that came to me when writing this song, and I decided to expand it from there. “Play the drums and strum the strings of my old heart” I never saw the potential double meaning within it! You have amazing insight, and that is reflected in your pieces that I’ve read. (: In retrospect, maybe that is the way I intended the line; I just never realized it. Or perhaps that is just my wishful thinking.

      Thank you so much for being incredibly supportive! I hope you have a great summer.

      With infinite love,


  2. Dear Jed,

    As someone who “loves” love, I really enjoyed reading your writing piece :-). You’re an amazing writer, and illustrate love beautifully. One factor that seriously amazed me was how you managed to make the rhyme flow smoothly and perfectly. I got flashbacks to Jade’s seminar about poetry, and you’re super skilled to pull off a rhyme scheme without making it obvious. I found the repetition of the line “love like you do” to tie the overall piece together. It’s one of my favorite lines. As well, your use of metaphor for instruments and love is really well-written. I portrayed “old heart” as a heart that has been in love time and time again.

    My only issue for your poem is the length, but you did say that you would expand it in the future. I can’t wait to see where you take this poem! Your writing is beautiful.

    Cindy <3

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