February 2019


“For you, a thousand times over.”

by Khaled Hosseini
Novel: The Kite Runner

This quote is the foundation of all my writing. I write in the name of love.


Video Game

Kingdom Hearts

by Shinji Hashimoto, Tetsuya Nomura

Kingdom Hearts is a video game that tells the story of love and the fight of the light against darkness. To this day, it stands as one of my favourite video games of all time. The ironic twist, however, is that I’ve never actually played the game. I first encountered it a while back in the Christmas season of 2016. Back then, I was scrolling through my recommended videos on YouTube and I stumbled upon the video “Kingdom Hearts Lore Explained”. After viewing said video, I felt an instant connection with the character “Sora” who, although it’s extremely complicated, can be considered as the “King of the Lights”. (Interesting side note: Sora is Japanese for “Sky”) Without going into too much detail, there is basically a struggle to fight the darkness. Sora is a simple human being and isn’t really anyone special. He shows that anyone can be the hero of their story, as long as they live their life with the intentions of love, compassion, and truth. Much like the story of this video game, I wish to write my pieces with truth, but, more importantly, with love.


March 2019


The Ocean

Over the Spring Break, my Papa treated us with a 5 day road trip to Los Angeles, California. We visited Las Vegas, Salt Lake City, Provo, Crescent City, Butte, Monterey, among many more cities and states along the way. Yet, nothing was more beautiful than the path we drove on the way back– the road next to the vast Pacific Ocean. As I would slowly nod off to sleep, listening to my music, I would watch the sun set over the waves, and not the slightest bit of land was visible as far as the eye could see. It took my breath away. There is a power– a strange power in the water that is like magic that fuels my soul.
In my writing, I want to write with this “magic”.
I want to be able to move my readers, to sway their emotions.
I want the magic.



Palm Tree

In my adventures in the United States of America, my eyes and ears were opened to many beautiful sights and sounds. There were a few things that I experienced that I wished I were also able to experience in Canada, but it’s just too far up north, unfortunately. One of these sights were the endless rows of palm trees that grew everywhere all over the land. They were beautiful. In fact, I think that they’re so beautiful that I’m able to call them my favourite types of trees. There was something about the safety the large leaves provided from the shade that intrigued me. Like the palm trees, I wish to implement comfort and protection in my writing. This would be done through symbolism, personification, and overall metaphors that would enhance my descriptions.


April 2019


Any Night

By Daniel Arnold & Medina Hahn

With the One Act Zones festival coming very soon, the inspiration that has seemed to take over my ability to think clearly is the One Act play Any Night by Daniel Arnold and Medina Hahn. I’ve recently had the opportunity to embody the character of Patrick: a sweet and awkward man with a secretly perverse mind. Because of this, I’ve been inspired to write about secrets and the idea of hiding one’s true nature. This won’t necessarily antagonize an individual. My stories could include somone who is “secretly evil” or someone who is struggling to come into terms with their own self-being.



Rose Sky

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